Why do we conduct audits?

  • To ensure that all processes within your Safety Management System are utilised, reviewed and monitored on a regular basis; and
  • To promote best practice within your organisation.

A1 Safety Matters can provide the following auditing services by our qualified team.
The following areas apply:

  • Audit your Safety Management System to AS/NZS 4801:2001- Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems with guidance for use
  • Identify compliance and gaps in your system;
  • Chemical Safety Audits;
  • Emergency Evacuation Audits;
  • Ergonomic Assessments;
  • Manual Handling Task Audits
  • Process audits;
  • Risk Management Audits;
  • Site Audits.

Legislation states we must monitor and review. Auditing provides a tool for us to achieve this outcome. Does your team understand the requirements for documented evidence of monitoring and reviewing?

A1 Safety Matters can supply assistance with all aspects of the auditing process. We can train your staff so they have an understanding and work with them to ensure all facets of your business utilise and understand the benefits of the auditing process. Evidence of a monitoring and review is called upon in the event of an incident to provide documentary evidence that the risks associated with your Safety Management System are ere assessed through the continuous improvement model and the worker has input the continuous improvement of their Safety Management System.

We at A1 Safety Matters endeavour to provide excellent customer service and superior products to encompass your total safety management.

Please give us a call to discuss your options.