Rehabilitation Coordinator Service-Injury Management

Legislation in Australia states if you are a business you must have Workers Compensation insurance. As an integral part of your overall Safety Management, effective Workers Compensation can significantly reduce your Workers Compensation premiums for years to come.

Each state in Australia is governed by a Workers Compensation Act and a Workers Compensation Regulation. Depending on the state in which you conduct your business, depends on the responsibilities you have such as:

  • Reporting timeframes.

Incident reporting is mandatory depending on the outcome of the incident. There is only a small timeframe to report the incident to the Workers compensation body. Legislation states we as business owners must provide suitable duties for any worker who is injured at your premise. Legislation states you must have a Rehabilitation policy and this is included in your A1 Safety Matters Safety Management System.

Whether you are a small business with as little as 1-5 employees or a medium or large company we can assist you will all areas of your Workers Compensation management. Not only does effective injury management reduce the premiums which your company is obliged to pay, though can also greatly reduce the risk of penalties through the respective legislative body.

As part of your injury management policy suitable duties involve liaising with all stakeholders to ensure a timely return to work.

We can provide your business a Rehabilitation plan which consists of your Rehabilitation Policy and the procedures and templates required for record keeping. We can also act as your Rehabilitation Coordinator, which means all of the worry is taken out of your injury management.

From the time of the incident and up until the worker has returned to pre-injury duties, A1 Safety Matters will manage the process for you.

A1 Safety Matters service includes:

  • Separate stand alone service for injury management; and/or
  • Included in your Safety Management package for a low monthly fee.

Whichever you choose, you will be rest assured your injured worker and your business will be well managed when you choose A1 safety Matters for your injury management.

Please give us a call to discuss your options.