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Documentation Assessments

We provide Premium Contractor Management Systems designed to suit your business and industry. Our experienced team delivers a comprehensive solution to assess and manage your contractors, including documentation, checking WHS compliance, induction and certification. Get in touch to find out more.

Subbies Insurance & Documentation

It takes more than just trust when it comes to engaging the services of Contractors. When contractors enter your workplace, they become part of your responsibility. Your contractors are also required to meet WHS obligations and be compliant. Failure to do so can pose significant risks and incur costly consequences to your business.

Legislation Compliance

Engaging contractors for your business, although essential, can pose inherent risks for both the contractors and your employees. A1 Safety Matters can help your business remain compliant with WHS legislations by implementing Contractor Management Systems for your workplace.

We Assess Contractor Documentation and Insurances and Provide you an Induction On our Online Portal

Business operations and projects often require the engagement of contractors from various industries. However, your contractors are also required to follow safe work practices and comply with WHS legislations, as they become part of your responsibility on your worksite. Failing to meet WHS requirements can pose significant risks to both the contractors and your business. Therefore, it is necessary to implement Contractor Management to safeguard your work environment and remain compliant. Our premium Contractor Management system includes assessing and managing your contractors and subcontractors in areas of:

* contractor documentation,
* qualifications,
* licences,
* insurances,
* meeting WHS obligations,
* induction (online portal)
* approval and certificate of compliance

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Why Use A1 Safety Matters for your CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT

We Are Committed To Providing Compliant Safety Solutions For Your Business And FOR YOUR Contractors

Here at A1 Safety Matters, we are committed to delivering Compliant Safety Solutions for your business and contractors. Our team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable contractor compliance professionals, who are dedicated to work with you to provide industry-specific premium contractor management systems designed to suit your business needs. We assess and manage your contractors, making sure that they are qualified, insured and WHS compliant, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business operations knowing that your workplace is safe. Let us take care of the process for you. All documentation will be collected, assessed and your contractors inducted. When complete, we will also issue a certificate of compliance to the contractor. Make an appointment to meet with our team to discuss your contractor compliance needs today.

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