drug & alcohol testing

On-site Workplace Testing

A1 Safety Matters are industry leaders in providing On-Site Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing services which are compliant with the latest Australian Standards. Our experience testers are able to deliver testing and screening for all safety purposes, including:

* Fit for work
* Return to work
* Pre-employment
* Random testing
* Pre-site visit
* Accident assessment

Employee Safety

Research has shown that it is not uncommon to find alcohol and drug users actively employed in an Australian workplace. Workers under the influence of substances can pose significant hazards and risks to themselves and others. An increasing number of employers are taking proactive measures to detect and curb workplace drug abuse to maintain a safe environment for employees.

Experienced Testers

Our highly experienced and specially trained team of Testers at A1 Safety Matters is dedicated to helping you provide a safe and secure workplace environment free from the impact of drug and alcohol use. We assess your workplace and apply tailored testing approaches suited to your needs with minimal disruptions to your operations. Our on-site testing service is designed to deliver comprehensive, reliable, and Australian standard compliant results.

Keep Your Workers Safe. Provide Onsite Workplace Screening For Drugs & Alcohol

The use of alcohol and other recreational drugs poses a hazard in the workplace. On-site employee alcohol and drug testing should be part of your overall safety management plan. Drug and alcohol testing can also be applied to the pre-employment screening and assessment process. A1 Safety Matters team of experienced testers are specifically trained to perform testing which is compliant with Australian Standards on-site at your workplace. Drug and alcohol testing is a necessary safety element for the following reasons:

* Provide a safe work environment
* Increase productivity and morale
* Prevent injuries and accidents
* Improve quality control
* Support employees in overcoming substance abuse

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Why Use A1 Safety Matters for your Drug and Alcohol Testing

A1 Safety Matters – Leading experienced Firm To Provide Informed and Up to Date Safety Systems

Here at A1 Safety Matters, our Director has over 20 years of experience in Safety and 10 years of experience in Human Resource Management. We understand the importance of compliance to WHS requirements and can tailor a Comprehensive Safety Management system to suit your industry, including a team of dedicated staff who are specially trained to perform authorised drug and alcohol testing on-site at your workplace. Don’t run the risk of costly legal liabilities should a drug or alcohol related incident happens in your workplace. Safe-guard your employees today and get in touch with A1 Safety Matters – the leading provider in comprehensive alcohol and drug testing solutions.

AS/NZS 4760:2019
Procedure for specimen collection and the detection and quantification of drugs in oral fluid

AS/NZS 4308:2008
Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine