health & safety management systems

Health and Safety Compliance

All businesses in Australia are legally required to be compliant with legislations as set out by Safe Work Australia. Depending on your industry and where your business is located, your WHS obligations will vary, therefore it is advisable that you seek professional advice before implementing health and safety measures.

Up to Date Safety Systems

Having an up-to-date health and safety management system in place can help you remain compliant with WHS legislation for all elements in the workplace. This includes a set of policies, objectives, procedures, responsibilities and relevant measures that systematically manages safety and control risks.

Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace health and safety is more than just compliance. There is evidence that participating in safe work can deliver many benefits to your employees:

* better mental health and wellbeing
* increased productivity and performance
* higher job satisfaction
* greater work participation and lower absenteeism rates
* minimising workplace injury and claims for compensation

WE OFFER A Comprehensive AND Systematic Approach To Managing Safety Within Your Workplace.

As an employer, you are responsible in providing a safe and healthy work environment. In addition to compliance with WHS legislation, there are clear benefits to your employees’ productivity, performance, and wellbeing as well. Establishing a comprehensive health and safety management system in your workplace can help meet your duties and obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act.

Having well-designed policies, procedures, and a systems-based approach can be far more effective in safeguarding your workplace and meeting requirements than simply having forms and documentation alone. A customised Safety Management System designed specially for your business will also help you achieve the contents of the safety documentation, in a way that is ongoing, managed, and compliant.

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Why Use A1 Safety Matters for your HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANCE

A1 Safety Matters – Leading experienced Firm To Provide Informed and Up to Date Safety Systems

With a team of experienced and qualified Safety Consultants, A1 Safety Matters can develop and deliver a comprehensive Safety Management System tailored to your business. Our Director brings a wealth of knowledge and up-to-date industry understanding having over 20 years’ experience in Safety Management. We are committed to provide exceptional customer service and work with you to design a fully informed and integrated Safety System that will assist you in becoming compliant under national, state or territory WHS legislations.

All too often, businesses have chosen to believe that no incidents or accidents will happen at their workplace. This is rarely the case. Failure to comply with WHS obligations and operating under an unsafe environment can cost your company it’s BOTTOM LINE. Don’t take your chances by putting your staff’s safety on the line.

Get in touch with A1 Safety Matters – the leading experts in safety management to safeguard your workplace today.