Each business and industry is different and requires different areas of legislation or best practice adherance.At A1 Safety Matters we understand this and can provide this training with your workforce to ensure compliance. We also understand that training administered can be done in a number of ways and can accommodate many styles and preferences including:

  • Face to Face
  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • PowerPoints
  • Online training *Coming Soon

Training provided will be put together to achieve the best results for the learner by incorporating many different learning styles including:

  • Visual (spatial): The learner prefers pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural (auditory-musical): The learner prefers using sound and music.
  • Verbal (linguistic): The learner prefers words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical (kinesthetic): The learner prefers hands on instruction.
  • Logical (mathematical): The learner prefers logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social (interpersonal): The learner prefers learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary (intrapersonal): The learner prefers to work alone and use self-study.

How to Powerpoints

Need a High Risk Work Licence

Ongoing Monthly Training

Online Training Coming Soon

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